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“[Ms. Kleinecke] has a wonderful vibrato that simply shimmers on long notes, and she is able to emotionally capture every high and low in the nineteen songs.”
-Endless Possibilities, WSRU
“Ursula Kleinecke-Boyer has a warm, full sounding soprano voice with a particularly rich, pleasing upper register. There is an old-fashioned, Eleanor Steber-like quality to her singing that’s appropriate to Hoiby’s songs... Performances that are technically strong and musically communicative... Both musicians are persuasive advocates for a composer whose music should be better known.”
-Fanfare - review of Songs of Lee Hoiby - Albany Records (TROY1102)
“[Ms. Kleinecke] can so effortlessly move from that kind of sound that is so clear it’s like looking in a stream and seeing the pebbles at the bottom, and it can be so dark that you want to wrap yourself up in the warmth of that cloak.”
-CD of the Week, May 10, 2009, KBAQ

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